Aaron Sebree

October 17, 2017

With 19 years of experience in the Food Equipment Repair industry, Aaron enjoys the problem-solving aspect, as well as helping people who serve and entertain others. He appreciates the fact that it is a pleasant industry that allows family to be involved, and proud of the work you do as they drive around saying, “My dad installed that, or fixed this here.” He graduated from an Akron, OH high school with honors and was awarded, and was honored with the state of Ohio’s athletic leadership award. He holds an EPA Universal certification as well as industry certifications with multiple manufacturers. He has five children and five pets with his wife, and when they are all together, there are 34 legs running around the house!

Service & Repair

Whatever your needs, you can count on the experts at AIS to get your equipment up & running. Our experts have the knowledge and the experience to service many different types of equipment, including cooking, sanitation, refrigeration and beverage equipment. We are also available 24/7 for emergency service.


Our team of knowledgeable and capable installation experts will ensure that your commercial equipment is installed to code. From ovens to refrigerators, our factory-trained technicians will provide you with a premium, quality installation each and every time.

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As the area’s leading distributor of commercial parts and services, AIS has the parts when you need them. Our staff of trained experts will assist you to ensure that you get the right part that you need, every time.

Very helpful in finding parts I need or they know we're to send me
Joe A
Nice people to deal with! helpful!
Sidi Mohamed AFIFI
Lee and the whole staff has always been helpful efficient and quick.
Tyler Schmeck
“AIS Commercial is the best in Pittsburgh! I have used many others and they just don't compare.”
Larry B,PittsburghLocation

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